Welcome to LeadMaster CRM from Market Nurturing

LeadMaster CRM is an online Lead Management and Lead Nurturing application for Sales and Marketing functions.

LeadMaster CRM helps you capture, qualify, manage and convert leads not only within your own business but also with your channel network.  Key to the success of LeadMaster is in keeping things really simple and easy to manage with the minimum number of clicks or key entries.
Sales professionals will enjoy its ease of use, having all their client information in one place, alerts for new leads and call-backs, universal access from any connected computer or smart phone, tracking progress with prospects (individually or across teams), and the ability to get online updates directly from partners.

Marketing professionals will also enjoy its ease of use plus the efficient tracking of leads, the provision of corporate collateral, emails and nurturing campaigns to sales colleagues, the measurement of campaign R.O.I.  and the reporting of call statistics and where business has been won.

Key elements to the LeadMaster CRM system are:

LEAD MANAGEMENT: Don’t lose precious leads – automate all basic tasks – reduce administration time – report easily on pipeline and forecast business – set reminders and alerts to keep on track. Manage customers, prospects and forecasts all from one central system.

LEAD NURTURING: Not every lead is ‘sales ready’ when collected so use LeadMaster’s nurturing functions to make sure prospects are sent regular and relevant updates. Monitor who is reading which emails – to inform both sales and marketing what propositions are getting all the attention.

WORKFLOW AUTOMATION: Some systems seem to take for ever just to update a simple piece of information but LeadMaster CRM has been designed with its ‘Click Action’ buttons to lead sales people simply through the process of updating and auctioning leads.

WEB INTEGRATION: LeadMaster CRM works closely with your website capturing leads from features such as landing pages, seminar registrations, online forms and assigning them automatically by organisation or geography for immediate action.

MANAGEMENT REPORTING : Probably the most powerful feature of a Lead Management system is finding out how your sales and marketing function is performing at any moment. Reports within the system can tell you how many calls and appointments are being made; how big the opportunity pipeline is; which campaigns new business comes from etc. – as well as highlighting any records not being worked on.

Software as a Service
There are no up-front capital investments needed to get Lead Management up and running. LeadMaster is costed on a user subscription basis – so even if you have a small sales force you don’t have to make do with some out-of-the-box , cut-down CRM or SFA software package. You just take out the number of subscriptions you need – and there are no tricks like ‘minimum one year’ contracts.  All you need is a web browser and you could be up and running in hours not months!